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 Welcome Back!

Shea By Nae


I love all things fruity and the bath butter (body scrub) and body butters are perfect! I always get Tooty Fruity because the blend is just right.

Savannah H.

My hair is super kinky and seems to be dry 24/7. I tried to Big L Spritz, the Ginseng & Brahmi Rinse, and Passion Curl Pudding and WHOA...dry no more.

Latoya K.

Snack attack makes my coworkers just walk by me so they can smell me lol! Hopefully, it gets me that promotion!

Ci'Ci R.

My girlfriend and I love Shea By Nae. We are very happy to see she is back!

Ty Dingess


Jas. L.

Her body butters are so smooth and creamy. It's amazing. I can't believe she makes them herself.


I could smell my bae oil before I even opened the box. WOW!


SBN rinses are DA TRUTH. 



Her lip line keeps my lips MOISTURIZED!!!!


I see why she's always out of stock!


Even More Love

I use the lip scrub (lip polishes) daily, especially before I put on my mattee lipstick. It has the right amount of acrub and moisture to have my lips feeling baby soft.

Chikaya Bolton (Metanoia by Chikaya)

I love all the natural ingredients, it's super oily and smooth and absorbs quicky on the lips. 

Review on Pooh Bear Lip Oil

Anegy Carrasquillo

My hair loves this rinse! I use it befoew I shampoo along with some oil, my hair was YESS MA'AM lol. My hair was soft and detangled, it felt moisturized and hydrated. The coffee smell is not overpoering. This rinse will definitely do your hair wonders. Allow your hair to experieince this Latte Rinse, trust your hair will thank you later!


Why try this product? Becasue it's AWESOME!

Review on Hair-Chata Rinse

Nida A.

My goodness, I can't say anough about this stuff. It is my first time ordering this amazing spray and it DEFINITELY won't be the last. My hair was left so shiny, soft, and super nouncy after one use. The results are pretty much immediate! I love using it with my leave in conditioner after deep conditioning. This stuff is a must buy for sure!

Review on Big 'L' Moisture Spritz

Kole N.

The product arrived and can't deny this stuff is amazing!!

Review on Body Butters

Cindy V.