Buy One Big L Spray, Get the Ginseng & Brahmi Rinse Free



Are you ready for the news? There will be a BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE sale starting OCT 10 and ending OCT 16. 

Simply purchase one BIG L Moisture Spritz and receive a free Ginseng and Brahmi Rinse. 

Why this combination? Easy. The BIG L focuses on moisture retention and easier detangling of any curl type/pattern. It's smooth and thicker consistency allows for longer lasting and deeper moisturizing by bringing a balance to those tresses. 

The Ginseng and Brahmi focuses on strengthening and length retention. This is especially important for those that may suffer hair loss post-partum or because of another health related issue. These two products are essential staples in your hair care routine as it provides a wonderful moisture and protein balance to maintain your healthy natural hair. 

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