Buy One Big L Spray, Get the Ginseng & Brahmi Rinse Free

What's your lip care routine?

We have routines for basically every aspect of our lives, right? I mean, everything from work routines, taking the same routes to and from the grocery store, down to how we get dressed in the morning. 

The real question do you take care of your lips? 

Lip care isn't just two layers of Carmex or Vaseline and out the door. This got me thinking...why are our lips so ignored? I came to the conclusion that the simplicity of a tub of Vaseline and fingertip full of Carmex allows little to no room to forget to apply it. 

In comes the Shea By Nae Lip Polish!
My lip polish satisfies the need to exfoliate your lips while keeping them moisturized and ready to go. It comes in sweet flavors named after some important ladies in my life. The best sellers are Lola (Bubblegum flavored) and Mint. They are filled with sugar and shea butter with a few other skin loving oils. 
It comes in a thick two ounce push-up stick and is a purse/bag necessity. 

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