Product Directions

Hair Rinses

Use warm water to dampen hair. Make sure hair is staurated from root to tip. Place a cap (shower cap or deep conditioning-like cap) on hair for 15- 20 minutes to penetrate. Rinse and follow with conditioner (or whatever you feel is best). 

Moisture Sprays 

Product can be used on damp or dry hair. Spray evenly acorss sectioned hair at least 2 inches form scalp. Product does NOT need to be rinsed and can be used to refresh 'older styles'. 

Styling Gels, Creams, and Puddings

Use styling product on sectioned hair. A little goes a long wat, so no need to be heavy handed. SMooth product over stands from root to tip and finger comb through BEFORE forming your style. Allow hair to air dry ( heated dry to quicker results). 

Body Products

Body butter should be used on dry skin, or slightly damp. Water should never get inside the jar to not compromise longevity. Use bath butter as a foaming scrub in shower or bath. Body OIls should be applied to directly to skin and massaged deeply. Body oils can also be used in hair!

Pre-poo and Hair OIls

Use pre-poo on sectioned and lightly oiled hair. Allow time to saturate and each section should be finger detangled as you go. Allow pre-poo to sit covered for 10-15 minutes. Wash out and follow with your choice of shampoo or conditioner. When using hair oilds, simply apply oil directly to scalp FIRST, then the rest of your hair. 

Lip Products

My lips oils are great for a quick, breathable, and moisturizing solution to chapped/dry lips. THis can be used after a homemade lip scrub or after using my Lip Polish. The Lip Polish is a perfect, portable and subtle way to exfoliate and get rid of dead skin. Use as you would a normal lip balm. 

Eyelash and Eyebrow Care

Use on CLEAN eyelashes and eyebrows. Apply in an upwards motion from root to tip (eyelash) or the natural way your eyebrows grow. Two coats MAX at a time and use this product 3-4 times weekly. This product is natural, but try not to get it into your eyes.