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Affiliate Program

Are you just OBSESSED about Shea By Nae products? Do you have FUN creating natural skincare and haircare content?
Then you're in the right place! I am looking for wonderful content creators to work with that resemble by sassy shopping queens on a daily basis.

Prospective SBN Affiliates should LOVE natural hair, easy to understand ingredients, be relatable and accessible to their audiences, and spread love! If this STILL sounds like you please continue reading.

Further Qualifications:

-Must be able to post creative content (to include videos or pictures) at least 3x's a month on Instagram, Facebook, and even TikTok. If you have a Youtube channel videos can also be counted towards your quota.
-High engagement and accessibility with your audience. Communication is key!
- Please don't use filters or any image altering programs. I want clear and clean content.
- Your social medias, websites, and even your blogs should be mainly focused on natural haircare and natural skincare.


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